Issues with render targets - some workarounds

Hi all,

it is just a heads up regarding issues I got while working with render target into my product Cloudscape Seasons. I went with following problems:

  • actor being so overloaded that you couldnt set engine scalability settings with anything lower than epic was turning off the asset visibility. The same material outside the blueprint actor with textures attached worked ok with all settings for scalability. In this case I was creating the render targets based on user desired size for textures
  • using render targets created with pre-defined size and using them at blueprint was causing the blueprint to not being able to access the render target when not in PIE

after some study and debugging the engine source code, me and a friend figured a way to workaround those issues, without any other compromisses. The detailed story over those issues can be found in the thread: and there is a video where I discuss the changes I have done as workaround in the video where I am showing the demo I have created with my product, but I cover the issues along it.

I hope if anyone having these issues or have experienced them, could benefit from my findings.