Issues with OneMinus node.

I’ve always suspected this to be the case but I’ve finally gotten around to thoroughly test it.

This is easily reproduceable. Take any image. import into UE4. Then make a material with OneMinus node. Then invert the texture in photoshop and import.

A texture sample that is being inverted in Photoshop differs from one minus. I have tried this on multiple texture.

Hi ,

It happens cause gamma correction, Uncheck sRGB property in your textures.

Hope it helps!

i read about this as well… i initially tested it by removing sRGB on the origina texture and still differs from the inverted ( in photoshop ).

however when i removed sRGB on both the interverted ( in photoshop ) and uninverted . It does bring the same value.

I guess this is correct. sRGB does cause gamma correction. Thank you.