Issues With Landscape Lighting in 4.22

I am having some issues in the 4.22 preview in regards to lighting. I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this. This happens to me even in a fresh project and after I have reinstalled the engine. These issues were not present in 4.20 or 4.21. I have static lighting disabled and distance fields enabled.

Clip 1 - Far Shadow cascades seem to be making the distance field soft shadows disappear
Clip 2 - Frustum culled landscape components stop casting shadows (or something like that)
Clip 3 - Tiled landscape with tessellation enabled only casts shadows when the streaming proxy is selected in the editor

If anyone else is seeing these issues, let me know so I don’t feel alone haha. Also if anyone knows why this may be happening, I would welcome the comments.

Excellent. It looks as though one of my bug reports were reproduced. UE-71030 is the issue number.
EDIT: also, UE-71042