Issues with glass refraction, splitting environment.

I’ve run into an issue with refractions. I’m using the value of 1.4, and it keeps giving me this error. Tried playing with different values, and nothing short of removing refraction seems to work. Thing is, removing refraction means the object will no longer look like glass. Does anyone have a solution to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached an image to demonstrate the error I’m getting.


1.4 is a lot, especially for this kind of geometry. Try 1.05.

Modify refraction value with fresnel. Theory works like this. Light ray can either refract or reflect. So when material reflect a lot it can’t refract. Fresnel modifies specular value so for refraction you need to do same but inversely.

I know that kind o error to :c the edges of the glass are always a pain! I wouldnt try any value above 1

Thanks for the answers everyone! I’ve tried everything above 1.00 Jacky, including that value to no avail. I’ve visited that page before Jenny, and unfortunately couldn’t find a solution there either. =( Kanizitas, I’ve never experimented with values below 1. Playing in the .9-1.00 range seems to mitigate this effect satisfyingly, while still maintaining the glass look. This should serve as a sufficient solution. Thank you all for your assistance. =)

1 is defaul value. Under 1 would be some kind of quantum meta material which is kinda impossible in large scale. So if you want to use refraction you need to use values above 1.

Try this. Material color is set to black.

Hey JOhnRose81, that setup worked quite well. I appreciate the assistance. =)

Those specular values does not make any sense. Specular range is from 0 to 1. Also Unreal automatically calculates fresnel value per light on later stage so don’t do it twice or you get incorrect results. For glass material it just best to leave specular default 0.5 which is it physical based value.