Issues with .FBX files in VR

Hello everyone, I am new to Unreal Engine and I have to work with this software for a project at university.
My group and I are willing to make a VR hospital in order to get younger patients prepared for their surgery. The only thing we have to do is get the player to move in the building
We started with a test house that we drew on CATIAV5. We exported the file in .STL and converted it to .FBX in order to insert it in UE4.
We got the VR working in the level but however, we could not walk in the imported .FBX house that we made with CATIAV5, only around it.

Has anyone got any help for me?

Thank you in advance.

It sounds like collision issue to me. Open up your static mesh, search for ‘complex’ and make sure you’re using Complex collisions (so the geometry you see will be the geometry you collide into, it’s more expensive on performances, but it’s a quick fix for you. Ideally you optimize them by making them out of simple primitives). good luck

Thanks a lot! I managed to make it work :slight_smile:
All that’s left to do to my project is add textures and decoration objects to the scene.

Greetings from France!