Issues with Blender and Ue4 materials

Hi everyone!

I recently started programming and I’m trying to create a project. However, I’m a complete beginner and I’m totally self-taught. I don’t have any training or deep knowledge on the subject and I’m actually struggling on a particular issue, so I was wondering if someone could help me figure it out?
I want to create a board game where you have to check tiles, you can see my board just here :

To indicate to the player that a tile is checked I want to replace the material of the original tile by a new material of the exact same colour but, this time, containing a black cross to indicate the tile has been crossed out.
So, I drew a black cross on a green background on Krita and I imported it on UE4 to turn the picture into a material.


And this is where my problem begins. I want the tiles to have soft corners, so I went to the Blender software, and I took the base cube, I shortened it, I softened the corners and I imported the file as a .fbx document. However the picture below shows you what happens when I apply my green crossed material on a base cube from Unreal :


(In a perfect world I want it to be like that (see below) but with soft corner but heh, one problem at a time)


And here is what happens with the tile I created:


I think that Unreal doesn’t detect the fact that my tile has 6 faces but it considers the tile to be like one big face that is the size of the mesh.

I’ve been trying to figure this problem out on my own for several days but I can’t wrap my head around it! I’m a complete beginner on Unreal and in developing video games in general and I’m an even bigger beginner on Blender.

I hope I explained my problem clearly enough but, please, don’t hesitate to ask for additional informations if necessary.
Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing from anyone who might have solutions !

Bye !

Getting on only one face is a pain in the tushie. Scaling the mesh, will take the material with it. If you want to scale without any material effect, then use world aligned material. However…

Much easier to use decals for you cross:

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Your problem seems to be with UV Unwrapping inside Blender, I suggest you to see some tutorials in youtube on that subject, you want the top face to be separated from the other faces in the UV editor, otherwise it will share texture with the other faces.

Also, before editing the UVs apply the modifiers and transformations to the object, to avoid modifying the mesh structure and UVs unexpectedly.

Using decals in UE as ClockworkOcean suggests is another way to do it.

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Thanks a lot for your answers!

I actually meant to do a thing like this at the beginning, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it, so thanks again!

I struggled a lot on the decal because when I use Spawn Decal Attached, the cross was still misplaced on the side of the tiles just like before. I just had to do a 90° rotation on the axe Y of the Decal to have it right tho.

I think as emayan said I have to do further researches on UV Mapping. But I truly don’t get a thing about how it works. I already saw tutorials before and after my post and I didn’t manage to make a correct tile that interacts well with the materials.

Anyway, thanks again both of you! You made my day! See ya

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This is a simple Blender tutorial for texturing a dice (it is very similar to what you want):