Issues seeing SkyAtmosphere through water plugin

Hi there,

I’m trying to create an underwater scene using UE 5.0.1 and the water plugin. It was going great until I rotate to look up from under the water and noticed that the sky that is generated using SkyAtmosphere is black. Everything else is still visible through the water including basic meshes and volumetric clouds. Please see attachments for examples… the one with the blue sky is above the water and the one with black is bellow the water.

Just wondering if there is a simple setting I might have missed that allows the sky to be visible or is this a bug or is the sky atmosphere not compatible with the water plugin?

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Did you ever find a solution for this? I’m currently struggling with the same problem on 5.1. Using custom single layer water material.

Actually, finally found the solution for this after weeks of searching so might as well post it here in case anyone else finds themselves in a pickle. Just add a big sphere in your scene and give it these materials.

Thats a work around, not a solution.

In theory, the issue should be present with transparent materials - all kinds.

Try to change the domain of the water material temporarily to see if this changes.
You could also change the transparency type - as it has several options for it.
The correct selection will allow the athmosphere to show.

This could also need to be done in the singlelayerwater if you didn’t manually make a transparent materials yourself.
However it may not give you options outside of modifying the USF for it, which isnt exactly a beginner level solution.

To be clear, adding a skpysphere bluperint / reverting to the older system is an ok solution, but then you need to remove the athmosphere and the volumetric clouds, plus whatever else relies on the presence of the athmosphere.
Probably even your light and post process settings…

Sadly in frustration I ended up fudging it and using a sky sphere just like what was suggested above. But it was a clunky solution, would be great if there was a solution that actually involved keeping the sky and not covering it up with a sphere. Also had a similar problem on another project using the sky generator and a mirror. Every reflected fine in the mirror except the sky, it was black. Not sure if it’s related to the water problem but ended up using the sky sphere again as a quick fix.

The reason I suggested this was because I found that it worked in the Starter Content level that came with the engine and the reason it worked was the skydome in there. Thought it was somewhat official and didn’t find it clunky at all :smiley: But being a total beginner I haven’t noticed any downsides thus far but let’s see if anyone finds another way.