Issues - IK

I’m not familiar in using unreal classes in C ++, but I wonder which class is used to be programmed IK Foot in C ++.
If anyone can help. thanks!

Why don’t you make the IK via the animation blueprint? (I know it’s not really an answer but I think that making the IKs through blueprint would be better, use c++ for the core of your game, the more process heavy stuff, and other simple taks you make through BP)

I have this tutorial to follow: The guy’s using Unity in this case, but not problem. I wanted to learn this other way. =)

I already try to do it with blueprint but I dunno what place inside Two Bones IK, Fabric… =/

Unity 5 Tutorial The Built-In IK System - YouTube

Here, take a look at this: UE4 - Foot Placement Tutorial - YouTube

I learned two bone IK using this series of tutorials, the guy explains it very well. :smiley:

Thanks! I’ll try it here. =)

@anonymous_user_fb796d6c: Have some bugs. The Joint Target of Right/Left Leg stay below the limit of the ground, right leg of character remain shakily, up/down incline ramp doesn’t work (the feets continues above the ground), when start the game the character have bug on left leg (disappear), after this backs to normal and when we see blueprint character viewport, the char image below the hips disappear. xD

Do you know how to fix these bugs?