Issues applying custom material to sphere brush


I just started learning UE4 and I have a question regarding applying a custom material I created of the earth to a sphere brush. I have attached a .jpg to clearly illustrate the problem. I can not get a correct representation of the earth material I created onto a sphere brush. On the attachment I also show that I tried aligning the adjacent surfaces of the sphere brush and then apply the material. It is obvious that the UV mapping is not correct. But I am not sure how to fix in the Unreal editor. Is this something that I have to do in another 3D program such as Maya to get my material to applied to the sphere brush correctly?

When I apply my custom material to a UE4 mesh called “BallMesh” (a static mesh) the material on this mesh looks perfect. Shouldn’t I be able to get my material to work without a lot of effort on the sphere brush?

Thank you

Brushes are really not meant for this type of use. You really need to use Max/Maya/Blender/Etc. for this type of work for a host of different reasons (UVs being one of them).

Thanks for your reply. I was thinking that was the case. You mention there are a host of different reasons why you would want to make more complicated meshes/geometry in Max/Maya/Blender. Could you mention a few? I ask because I want to have a solid understanding of the workflow.


UV’s is a huge one - basically mapping your texture to the 3D model. Baking lightmaps (with secondary channels), preserving detail and smoothing groups. For more intricate models, 3D meshes are less computationally costly than say, a brush would be (most of the time). Also, if you ever wanted to re-use an asset, brushes make that nearly impossible.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge :slight_smile:

You also can’t animate brushes during gameplay and you have less control over its properties and options (say shadowcast for example). There are probably a few more beyond the 5 or 6 reasons given so far, early morning for me.