Issue with world aligned materials on curved corners

Hi folks,

I recently set up a world aligned material which is awesome and is great for our artists but we’re running into an issue when the x,y projection of the material hits a curved corner.

Here’s a screen shot and our material as it currently stands.

Any idea?

Many thanks.

Use the WorldAlignedTextures_Complex node and hook a constant scalar to ProjectionTransitionContrast, increasing the scalar value will make the transition mask more contrasty -> less bleeding.
Also to adjust your normal strength, you can simply run XYZ output to a Multiply node and connect a Vector3 to the Multiply node as well.

Look for the “3 way world align” (I am certain it is not named like this but if you punch in “3 way” into the search it will find it). It works similar to the world aligned texture node but it exposes parameters for blend sharpness and length which will help you fine tune those corners.

Wow those nodes are complex. Thanks folks I’ll look into those both. :slight_smile:

dont know the name of the node, but I came across a node that also allows to use heightblending feature instead of a simple crossfade, which makes the transition even more natural.

If you figure out its name let me know, I’m interested in this too.

I think they’re referring to HeightLerp.

Heey, that one helps too, but I am referring to the worldaligntexture_complex node. If you do a search on ‘complex’ in the material editor, it will pop up.
In that node there is an option to use a heightmap of a texture to do the transition more interestingly and tweak additional settings.

I took a look at the worldaligned complex node and my brain leaked out of my ears. Unable to find any tutorials explaining the node either so I’m stuck with the initial issue. :confused:

First you have to plug textureObjects into the slots. (when you drag a texture into the editor, you can rightmouse click and convert it to a texture object. )
I would first start from here and see if you can get the triplanar aka world align working without any fancy side effects. Ones you know the node, start adding additional float nodes to control contrast and al.
You also may have to plug a vector3 node to the scale input of the node to tweak the tiling of it all. It is indeed called ‘complex’ for a purpose :wink:
to get some results, plug the XYZ output to diffuse or whatever you need. (e.g. normal)
At this point you still have a basic crossfade between the edges but of you get the node working so far, you at least have something play with and start adding stuff to it. Such as the advanced heightblend lerp feature that comes with it. It is worth figuring this one out. (at least it did for me)