Issue with toggling controller between UMG and Character

Hi, I have an issue handling the control. Currently I’m working on 4.22

In my project the player should be able to be running, and pick an item o examine the scenario, and then a widget is spawned, also be able to enter the inventory, which creates a different widget. In both cases the game should pause while the widget in screen.

The Inventory has its own input system created by over riding “on key down” and it works perfect, but the problem is that, when the widget is created and the focus is set to the widget, the action mappings on the character register as released.

I tried to use instead “Lister for input Action” but it has 2 issues, first it doesnt work while the game is paused, and if i set the game dilation to 0 it works BUT, it each press behaves as if i had pressed the button multiple times superfast. So i need to be able to get the action state while the widget is in focus, so when the control is returned to the character it beheaves correctly. That is, if the run button is pressed while in the widget, when clossing it the character will run, aim etc… every action that relies on the button being held.

At the moment i kinda resolved it by using an aditional axis maping for the the correspondent action, but i dont think is an optimal solution, and it doesnt fix anything on the keyboard, since even the axis mappings dont register as pressed on keyboard, on gamepad it works as intended.

Some one had a very similar issue a few years back, but at least in the thread didnt found a solution…-menu-with-umg