Issue with spawning blood splatter decal from an atlas using blueprint

Hey guys, I’m having an issue with spawning decals

I’ve got a particle based blood splatter system. When the particle collides with the ground, it should spawn a splatter decal from an atlas texture.

I noticed during testing that occasionally a large square of blood would spawn instead of the decal I wanted. I thought maybe my particles were all landing in the same position for some reason. I have 5 splatter particles, so I should get 5 decals each time the particle system emits.
I did some troubleshooting on this and made an atlas texture that had numbers instead of splatters, I set it up in a way that would spawn a 4x4 grid of numbers if it tried to spawn decals in the same location.

This is the result. I got my 5 particles landing in different positions, but it seems that occasionally when one of these particles collides with the ground, instead of spawning one decal it rapidly iterates through every texture in the atlas and spawns a decal for each one.

I really have no idea what’s going on here, hoping you guys are able to help.
Attached is a screenshot of the issue and the blueprint code controlling the decals. I’ve also included a link to a video of the bug happening for further detail. The video shows that the problem decals come down one after another, not simultaneously as I would expect.

[Link to video of issue][1]

Is bumping allowed? I’ve still found no solution to this