Issue with Sight Sense with multiple AI that have same Behavior Tree

Hey everybody,

I struggle with an issue since this morning :

I work on a basic melee AI since few days, and I just spot that I have an issue with the Target Perception Update.

When I spawn multiple AI in my level, if one AI trigger the Perception Update event, all others AI are triggered too and run the right but unwanted branch of their behavior tree.

I already check if the synced box was checked on the Blackboard but unfortunately no.

I already do many tests, like moving the AI Sense in the Enemy Character BP, go back to Character AI BP, try to get blackboard from the current pawn, and so on, but no one worked.

My BP architecture :

I have a AI_NME_Melee_Base that is the parent default class of all AI Melee Enemy.
I have a AI_NME_Melee_Base_02 that is a child of it. This is my spawned enemy in my level.
I have a AIC_NME_Melee_Base that is my AI Controller of my Parent Melee default class. My Sight Sense is in it.

This AI Controller si connected to my BT_NME_Melee_Basics Behavior Tree.

It’s as if all these multiple AI spawned aren’t correctly instancied and share the same behavior, instead of having each one a personaly instancied behavior tree and blackboard. But I don’t know how to resolve this.

Some screenshots here :

Okay dunno what I’ve done but after some other random tests, system works as intended. Solved.

Hi, did you find out how you solved the problem?