Issue with Scene Capture 2D capturing itself for video feedback

Hi, I’m on Unreal 5 Early Access, inside the VR template, and I’m trying to do a camera feedback setup with a Scene Capture 2D and a Render Target.
What I mean by “feedback setup” is that I’m pointing the Scene Capture 2D to a “screen” that is textured with a material built from the Render Target, so that it creates the tunnel effect that will be familiare to OBS users.
However, unless I turn “autogenerate mips” on the Render Target, the “screen” appears completely black in the capture and generates no feedback *but it displays everything else, just not the copies of itself(. When I turn the mips generation on, the feedback tunnel appears, but the “screen” image copies appear to darken when the Scene Capture 2D gets near it.
In the image I uploaded you can see how the left border gets darker in the copies, if I get nearer to the screen the copies get progressively all black, from the nearest point of the screen geometry to the camera to the furthest, but in the end when I get very near the results are the same as when the mips generation is off.

Do you have any Idea on why is this happening? The material is also set to unlit.