Issue with ribbon emitter

When i place my created particle system in my world and rotate it to the direction i want the ribbon is not following my new rotation but ends up following the original direction. It is more annoying because i have the inherit rotation box and the use local space box ticked. I even restarted UE4 to see if that fixed it but it did not.

Hi stigglewiggle -

I am assuming that your Ribbon is sourced by the first particle system. If so, have you set the first particle system to use local space and then try to rotate in the editor?

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

I unticked use local space on the source particle and that fixed the ribbon direction but now the initial mesh used is facing the wrong direction

Hi -

There are two things to try. You can add an Init Mesh Rotation Module set to Constant and rotate the mesh in Cascade. This may cause the ribbon to rotate as well, if so, then you should rotate the mesh itself in a modeling program or via the Static Mesh Editor.

Eric Ketchum