Issue with metal Materials Showing up black

Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help me on this issue I’m having where the textures I have created. Seems as though my metal material is just shiny black instead of what material its meant to be any help or advice on the matter would be a great help.
The images attached shows what I’m experiencing in unreal how I got my Material set up and also what its meant to look like using MT2





You are texturing using the Spec/Gloss workflow but UE4 is Metal/Roughness based.
You have to tell us what software you use for texturing so we can guide you better. But for a quick workaround, plug your Specular to BaseColor, Invert your glossiness and then plug it to roughness, Plug a pure white to Metallic slot. You should also add a Reflections Capture sphere to the scene. :slight_smile:

hey cheers for your help. Sure thing I’ve been using the quxiel suite to build the textures seen and used the UE4 template as far as I’m aware. Right I will make the changes you have suggested and let you know how I get on. I also have a few Capture spheres already in the scene.

This is a good read.