Issue with Material loosing fidelity and not applying to LOD0

I am having with LOD0 foliage meshes not using the right material or perhaps not all of the material properties even though it is properly setup and LOD1 and 2 are showing everything correctly It’s almost like something is cached that I can’t clear for LOD0. I have found a way to clear some things like super low resolution by opening textures but the LOD0 is still cached or not loading for some reason

You can see it in action here

**FRVQA FoliageLOD GIF by Ironbelly Studios | Gfycat **

Where the resolution of the col map is super low, and then I open the texture and it pops back and then zooming in and out you can see how it’s not applying various elements of the material(such as wind, SSS, RGS) on LOD0 but do on LOD1

I believe that it’s somethign related to the engine, not the material from what I can tell