Issue with Local Volumetric Fog Instance?

Was working on learning the fundamentals of Volumetric Fog and lighting in Unreal Engine v4.24 and noticed that my material sphere mask was not generating anything and that the material was not showing. I was able to create the base material for the fog, but it is completely invisible, and remains so as of typing this. I’ve tried making sure every proper setting is checked, Directional Light atmospherics, Volumetric Fog in the Exponential Height Fog, tweaking View Distance, and other methods out there to no avail. If anyone is familiar with issues surrounding creating local volumetric fog instances like this, I welcome the help, been stuck on this for a day now.

The Particle Instance is set up which contains the Fog Material, Shaded red, but nothing is visible either in the editor or in the active play level view.

Atmosphere/ Fog Sun Light Checked

Following this tutorial from underscore about the topic and couldn’t get it to work in the latest version.

At about the 6 minute mark he moves on from the material shader spheremask to making the particle, and at this point I am seeing nothing in my scene of any volumetrics taking place. Again the effect I am trying to achieve is this: