Issue with Lightning

Hey there, I’m pretty new to UE4 and I’m having this issue with lightning. What could be the issue? Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’m guessing you’re using modular pieces… Unreal calculates light per mesh, so if you use a lower lightmass setting (such as the default) you’ll see shading differences between meshes after building lights!
You can go higher with your settings but light building time will increase by a LOT!! …or you can chose NOT to use modular walls… or you can go dynamic…

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You need to split your walls in a different way, basically keep each wall or site in one mesh. Alos try to keep the Lightmap resolution “texel density” constant across your walls.

Beside that you can try out GPU lightmass, it basically allows you to split up walls in the middle or wherever you want without getting shadow color variation in your bake. The baking process is also much faster, plus it has a ton of other nice improvements compared to the standard lightmass.

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I got it fixed. Thanks guys! :slight_smile: