Issue with landscape texture being blocky and black?

Hi guys

Trying to set up a little paint texture for the painting tool in Landscapes, to attempt an oil spill.
Unfortunately, when I paint enough for it to look like a puddle (Or try anyway) it looks like these photos.
Attached the material set up (Excuse the mess, I had to fit it all in)

Any idea why its doing this and not forming a puddle?

Any help appreciated.


Dont know if it could cause the problem, but what happens when you add a name to all of your layers -> one is still called “none” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, I just tried it and it made a difference but it just came out as a white shine, with the black block bit still in the middle. I’ve deleted that area of material nodes, i’m gonna try again. Making an oil spill sounded so easy! I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

You should connect the “LandscapeCoords” output to all your Specular and Normal map UV inputs as well.
You should also not be using those Specular maps. Create Roughness maps instead and connect them to Roughness slot. Leave the Specular slot empty then.

These are not towards fixing your problem, it’s only to point out what needs to be fixed on top of that.

I can tell from your portfolio you know what you’re on about, but it’d be nice to get a bit of context. Why should I use Roughness instead for oil? Just so I know in future to figure this stuff out myself. Cheers

Non metals almost have the same specular range between them so using specular maps not only wastes memory but also gives the chance you are actually not right on track of PBR. There are exceptions and for those you can refer to charts.
If you are trying to make your oil look wet and shiny etc. you have to do it through Roughness channel. I understand you might have been using a Specular workflow like Unity and Cryengine. But in UE4 you should use the Roughness workflow.

Awesome thanks. I’m new to Engines haha, no workflow previously, just trying to learn from the beginning. Thanks for the help.