Issue with HDRI/SKY Lightning in Raytracing mode

Hi, for the last couple of days I’ve been trying to work with UE4 lighting similar to a corona or vray (without lightmass and baking) but i have a problem. But I have issue with HDRI/SKY lightning. When I put HDRI backdrop or sky lightning I get this wishy-washy result. I compare RayTracing mode vs PathTracing mode. Is this normal or I something don’t understand? Areal lights, directional lights are working like expected. I use Unreal Engine 4.25.3

Hi, presto423,
Thank you for your suggestion, I tried a lot of things: change EV to the extreme, lock EV, increase brutal force bounces, change materials. I clearly don’t understand how Raytracing in UE4 works, because the latest UE archviz demo scene works in my pc like it should, I tried to find solutinion by reading tutorials, watch youtube for a few days and still don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

I tried to monkey up with a lot of setting but for this example I just used empty architecture template with raytracing enabled. Didn’t touched anything except I deleted SunSky and put HDRIBackdrop and RectLight instead. Disabled Lightmap by word_settings>lightmaps>force no precomputed. Enabled raytracing brute force mode with 1 bounce and 16 samples. Created simple gray material. And this is what I got.…2225952/f7e24c

I’m afraid maybe there’s a problem with my laptop, software or hardware. I tried several free scenes with raytracing turned on and I get the same result every time. Nvidia drivers reinstall to game ready or studio version doesn’t help. I will try to reinstall windows on fresh.