Issue With Foliage Mode (Need Help)

I recently started learning Unreal Engine 4, and I’m picking it up pretty quickly, however I am having an issue with the foliage editor that I cannot figure out.

When I open the Foliage Mode editor tab and select Paint, the translucent dome that should appear on the landscape does not, and I am unable to paint foliage onto my landscape. I have “Landscape” selected in Filters, and I have tried several combinations of checking and unchecking the different filters, but no combination has worked. I have also fiddled with Brush Options and experimented with different sizes and densities, but that has not worked either. I am able to drag and drop static meshes into the +Drop Foliage Here area, and I did have them selected when I tried to paint, but to no avail. I even saved the static mesh as a foliage type and that did not work either.

Any help would be appreciated, as I have exhausted my limited capabilities in solving this issue.