Issue with Button bounds in UMG

Hello all,

I’m having some issues with making a series of custom buttons in UMG in the shape of pie slices. I created a pie slice/wedge image in photoshop and put 5 instances of it into the UMG editor, which you can see below. Ignore the symbol thingies, they’re just images I put above the buttons, not actually part of the buttons. Now in the picture below I have the wedge with the teardrop symbol selected. As you can see the square-shaped bounds of the button are far bigger than the wedge shape that it is. This is due to the way I drew the image. I can go back into photoshop and crop things to make them fit closer to the button to help with a bit of the problem I’m having, but what would actually fix it would be a way for the bounds of the button to actually just conform to the shape of the wedge instead of being this square. See below for an example of the problem I’m having.

Okay so in the picture below took a screenshot of the widget as it appears in game. It didn’t capture my mouse, but where I’m hovering right now is actually above the skull symbol, not above the tree wedge that is highlighted. The tree wedge is the last wedge I made and I presume the last one drawn, which is putting its ‘box’ above all the other buttons.
I’d like for the button shape to actually just fit to the wedge so I can avoid these problems. Do you guys know how I could do that?

Thank you for your time and any help you can offer!