Issue with animated textures


I am having hell (for the umpteenth time) with UE4. I am pretty aggravated at the moment, because Blueprint is proving to be more migraine-inducing that I thought it would be. But this is part of another issue (of a long list of issues) that’s been causing me to want to pull out my hair.

As you can see, I had decided to have 1 camera feed and 2 animation textures for a starting point. I had set all of the Geometry Alignments to “Align Surface to Fit”, as you can see in the preview screen ([before][1]) everything looks great, like I want it to look.

Then, I press Play. And as you can see, everything goes to hell in a hand-basket (


Help? I would think that I should be good, but I don’t know if it’s a glitch, or what? But it’s so infuriating to get simple things working here for me (which seems to be the M.O. for me and UE4 at the moment).

Also I have ANOTHER, should be simple, problem. Here’s a Blueprint for a VERY simple piece of logic, I have it on start the Event Tick function SHOULD set a Timer, after 6 seconds (when the “GO!!!” in my animation goes off), the box I have holding back the player SHOULD be destroyed (

). Sounds simple, right? Sounds like it should pause at the Set Timer, then Destroy the object, right? NOPE!

Instead, it just passes right on through to the Destroy Actor function (

). And this isn’t like it’s the first time I’ve had this issue (try getting an AI character to go to more than one TargetPoint). I don’t know if it’s just the way I’m doing it, or the Blueprint functionality is missing some polish, but it’s leading to some pretty table-flipping-inducing moments (as the Branches don’t work as well as you want it to).

Btw, I’m using 4.7.

Thanks for any help.!

Thanks for getting back to me. For the first issue, I haven’t used any code for it, the basis for the animated textures, and the camera feed textures, are based off of Tesla Dev’s tutorials:

Video Textures - link text
Camera Feed - link text

Like I said, the only difference is that I’m going to Geometry Alignments and changing it to “Align Surface to Fit” (as in other words, no code (Blueprint or otherwise)).

As for the second answer. That…Sounds…Overly complicated. So, what I’m supposed to do is to create a separate function, then have the Timer go through there, then call the timer back in the initial Blueprint? Why not just skip an unnecessary step and just have a timer work in the method I tried? (not trying to be a jerk or anything, just trying to figure out why it needs to be like this)

Thanks for the help.

i still have no idea about the first problem, but the second problem was an incorrect way to use the SetTimer node. if you replaced it with a Delay node, then your setup would work, but SetTimer is a node that calls a custom function based on the name you give it, after a certain amount of time. the way you had it set up, it was calling destroy actor immediately. so i think you want to use a Delay node, instead of SetTimer.