issue using spot lights into actor blueprint, help needed

hello, i’m having a little issue using a spot light into an actor blueprint, i’m making a car and i want the car to turn lights on when the night falls.

i used two spot lights to be used as the car front lights, as you can see here on my blueprint setup the lights are in front of the car and at an some height from the floor.

but the final result, when the car is interacting with the level is in some way strange, the spot lights are working, but the start location for each spot lights is wrong, here is a picture to show up the issue.

any idea on why this is happening ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

This is the correct, logical result… Spotlights cast light in a cone, as you can see in your blueprint. Which means they won’t illuminate the ground until it intersects with the cone, which doesn’t happen for a meter or so because you’ve made the lights parallel to the ground plane.

If you want it to illuminate the ground closer to the car then increase the size of the spotlight cones or angle them toward the ground.

i thought the origin of the spotlight will be shown when the spotlight was turned on.

i want to show the source location for the light, as a normal car in real life, only way that i’m think of is using a small static mesh and use an emissive material, is there another way to do this using only the spotlight ?

You can do it with a mesh and a material yes, that would be the ideal solution in my opinion. Another option is to use volumetric fog, but this probably won’t have the effect you want because it doesn’t support source radius so it will come to a very sharp point.

thank you for your help @Arkiras