Issue: Update Smooth Frame Rate settings to monitor refresh rate

Greetings. Some of my gametesters have been complaining about the frame rate being capt at 62, while their monitors are at 75hz, 120hz or 144hz refresh rates.
The cap of the Smooth Frame Rate should be updated during runtime to whatever the current monitors refresh rate is.

Is there any way of doing this? I’ve been looking around without finding any solution yet.
Thanks for any advice!
/Best Regards

It should be under project settings. Look around in there and you’ll see a section dedicated to those settings.

There is where you initially setup Smooth Frame Rate, but how to update the fps cap during runtime? There is also no option to have it set to the monitor refresh rate.
Since a lot of players have different refresh rates on their monitors, the value need to be updated to the current monitors refresh rate when players launch the game.