Issue tracking / bug reporting process is painful to interact with as a regular user

  1. No useful feedback at all. People who submit bugs have no way of knowing if they are ever read. We’re treated to an auto-reply with a useless (non-issue tracking) number that we can’t use for anything. It feels more productive shouting my problem out of my window at my neighbor, at least then I know someone heard me.

    Of the dozens of issues I’ve reported over the years I have only received a tracking number for one of them. The very first issue I ever reported, years ago. Though I received no response, and there was no issue on the tracker, some of what I reported was eventually fixed. Which leads me to my next complaint…

  2. Most issues are appear to be hidden from the public so there is no way to know if you’re reporting an issue that is already known, or if your issue was reproduced and logged. Every hotfix comes with a massive list of tracking numbers, practically none of which can be searched for in the issue tracker. Presumably because they are set to private. Have there really only been two issues with raytracing reported since November of last year?

    I don’t understand why so many issues are not visible. It seems like it would be in everyones interest to make more issues public, having people fill out bug reports for things that have already been reported wastes both your time and ours.

I would liken the current process to writing a letter to Santa Claus. Sure my mom and dad insist that Santa reads them all but I can’t prove that’s true. Dear Santa, is this supposed to happen? (Seizure Warning)

Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say here is that in the spirit of Christmas, I think I’m going to stop writing letters to Santa. It just doesn’t seem like a good use of anyones time.