4.26.2 Hotfix Released

The 4.26.2 Hotfix is now live! This hotfix resolves over 200 issues in the 4.26 release.

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If you experience a bug with the 4.26.2 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it on the Bug Submission Form.

Fixed in 4.26.2

UE-107681 Not allow Multi-Select of non animatable controls for Control Rig

UE-108311 Focus Controls and Spaces in Control Rig Editor

UE-108023 Renaming spaces that have children does not rename graph nodes referencing the space

UE-109476 Crash when copy/paste meerkat spine rig to eagle

UE-110210 Control Rig explodes when moving controls, unable to reset

UE-108549 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Slate!FSlateApplication::OnMouseUp(EMouseButtons::Type,FVector2D) [SlateApplication.cpp:5321]

UE-107564 SAnimCurveViewer very slow with lots of curves

UE-107627 Issues with interactions between predicted LOD level clamping and mesh visibility

UE-110678 [CrashReport] AssetToReopen [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Editor/Persona/Private/PersonaToolkit.cpp]

UE-110704 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!DispatchCheckVerify<void,<lambda_e0243372f44d732a09d4cb9858c4d261> >(<lambda_e0243372f44d732a09d4cb9858c4d261> &&) [AssertionMacros.h:165]

UE-110865 Split pins on nodes within sub-graphs in an animation blueprint are broken

UE-106495 [CrashReport]: UE4Editor-Renderer!FDeferredShadingSceneRenderer::FDeferredShadingSceneRenderer

UE-106914 Failure to add key and potential crash when adding keyframe to sequence through details panel

UE-107477 Removing a transform track from the sequencer will no longer clean up spawnable actor when the sequencer is closed

UE-106939 Add a warning that Sequence Recorder will be removed in the future

UE-107561 MoviePipeline: bOwnerNoSee is not respected

UE-107573 Pasting a section always adds a row regardless if there is space for the section on the current row

UE-107306 Editor crash when modifying Skeletal Animation Section of an unsaved additive animation

UE-106262 Lighting missing in rendered shot when previous shot is rendered as part of same pass

UE-106483 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-MovieRenderPipelineRenderPasses!UMoviePipelineImagePassBase::CalculateViewFamily(FMoviePipelineRenderPassMetrics &) [MoviePipelineImagePassBase.cpp:67]

UE-107669 Sequencer: Control Rig: Moving gizmo in viewport loses Sequencer selection

UE-106194 FFT filters in sequencer curve editor shoot curves way off from their original plotted locaiton

UE-106948 Sequence with null skeletal track sections crashes on load

UE-107508 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MovieScene!FMovieSceneEntitySystemRunner::Update(FMovieSceneContext const &,UE::MovieScene::FInstanceHandle) [MovieSceneEntitySystemRunner.cpp:96]

UE-107862 Infinite Camera Shake oscillation does not playback correctly in Sequencer

UE-107756 Adding an actor to a template sequence and trying to animate it causes crash

UE-108021 Sequencer curve editor curve colors are difficult to read

UE-107896 Can not export sequencer from command line when use Movie Render Queue

UE-108054 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Sequencer!FSequencer::ZoomToFit() [Sequencer.cpp:6847]

UE-107747 Changing light samples per pixel in details pane with track in sequencer accumulates value incorrectly

UE-108139 Using Select Objects in Sequencer Scripting only selects one object

UE-107856 Set view range scripting functions will not update timeline UI

UE-108356 Can’t run due to indentation error

UE-108315 FCPXML export is off by one frame

UE-108622 Copy and paste doesn’t work when pasting into the transfrom track

UE-108706 Not all components are being recorded

UE-108625 Thare are some case in which KeepState doesn’t work propely if level sequence have multiple Shot and Transform Tracks

UE-97014 Sequencer Update problem with Control Rig when navigating in the level leading to losing poses

UE-108686 Sequencer: Root Motion query needs to set a MemMark before getting compact poses

UE-108796 Nosound UGS cvar crashes MRQ sequencer render on startup

UE-108733 Crash when playing a other Level Sequence inside a Spawnable Actor registered with Level Sequence

UE-108981 Undo keys all channels in Sequencer when using Key Group or Key All

UE-108238 Undoing a curve editor change removes current selection

UE-108996 Template sequence track doesn’t allow adding correct compatible template sequences

UE-108995 Movie render crashes editor if sequence contains a template sequence

UE-108361 Selection remaining and hitch when selection control in Curve Editor after selecting parent control rig track in Sequencer

UE-108359 Control Rig Selection between Viewport, Sequencer and Curve Editor is in consistent

UE-109279 Marquee Selecting Controls in Orthographic View causes Crash

UE-109275 Sequencer: Control Rig: Additive Sections Overwrite And Don’t blend.

UE-109550 MovieSceneSequenceTickManager can get GC’d unexpectedly in 4.26

UE-109519 Don’t invaliate viewport on tick.

UE-109491 GitHub 7794 : Remove copy assignment of several const reference variables in Sequencer code

UE-107121 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MovieRenderPipelineCore!UMoviePipelineHighResSetting::GetFooterText(UMoviePipelineExecutorJob *) [MoviePipelineHighResSetting.h:94]

UE-100792 ObjectIdPass doesn’t work when Stencil Layers are used

UE-109673 Specific Character crashes when the recording is starting - \MovieSceneTracks\Private\Tracks\MovieSceneSkeletalAnimationTrack.cpp:542]

UE-109920 Sequencer - convert to spawnable causes any unkeyed additive anim tracks to double in value or compound somehow

UE-109391 MoviePipeline: Use Camera Cut for Warmup creates incorrect Camera Motion Blur

UE-110102 Sequencer Copy Paste Bug

UE-104118 Actors with multiple Control Rig Components only have 1 Control Rig track in Sequencer

UE-108509 Can’t preview correctly when using Lookat Track with [Can Blend] enabled

UE-110637 Ensure when right clicking on a camera cut track with multiple sections

UE-110250 Take Recorder crashes if actor with animation despawns during recording

UE-110687 UE4Editor-MovieRenderPipelineCore!UMoviePipelineExecutorBase::Execute(UMoviePipelineQueue *) [MoviePipelineExecutor.gen.cpp:361]

UE-109640 MRQ - Apple ProRes 4444 - Alpha channel is inverted

UE-110594 MoviePipeline: Crash when using AppleProRes codec and a output directory with a “”

UE-111390 AspectRatioAxisConstraint changes in 4.26

UE-111385 Control rig channels aren’t getting reconstructed properly

UE-111562 Correct exponential algorithm in FSequencerNodeTree::UpdateFilters()

UE-111396 Crash in CheckCanChangeStructure when playing a sequence in editor

UE-111581 MoviePipeline: Apple ProRes codec doesn’t support {date} format tag

UE-107887 Sequencer scripting SetDefault should modify

UE-110581 OSC - String read appends extra ‘\0’

UE-108494 UE.EditorAutomation does not pass nullrhi to editor process

UE-78732 Mac RunUnreal -test=ElementalDemoTest does not find Archived Build

UE-73286 RunUnreal -map=QA-Promotion produces a command line with “QA -Promotion”

UE-111857 Fails to run UE4Game through Gauntlet automation when targeting Android

UE-107733 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FArchive::SerializeCompressed()

UE-107567 The LoadTimeFile argument crashes package at startup

UE-110520 Diagnostics.Session2 is missing important build information.

UE-102630 macOS Big Sur - CrashReporter window sometimes does not launch on consecutive crashes

UE-104996 [Crash Report] DuplicateSelectedActors::FDuplicateJob::DuplicateActorsToLevel(TArray<AActor *,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &,ULevel *,bool) [EditorActor.cpp:433]

UE-108310 The engine crashes on startup after adding a struct with AddReferencedObjects function and placing it in a static array on another class

UE-107635 BuildGraph requires “Label” nodes to be in the root of the graph

UE-107639 BuildGraph does not provide a way to check if a token exists in a string

UE-108939 GitHub 7780 : Linux support in Rider project configuration.

UE-107751 Version code in UBT does not correctly detect minor toolchain bumps

UE-107584 Warnings in ActionHistory.cs Can Rarely Cause CI Build Failures

UE-108609 Editor fails to create code projects. “The project could not be compiled. Would you like to open it in Visual Studio?”

UE-109011 GitHub 7782 : Removed excessive quotes from VSCode project argument

UE-109222 Incorrect makefile invalidation

UE-43456 The “Reset to default” button appears erroneously in the Blueprint editor Details panel (Class Defaults) for instanced subobjects

UE-107794 GitHub 7741 : Fix possible blueprint crash in CableComponent::SetAttachEndToComponent

UE-108372 Crash spawning child blueprint after removing entry from instanced array

UE-109038 Reparenting creates incorrect ICH nodes

UE-108222 Soft actor references can no longer be set in DataTables

UE-108973 Some blueprint nodes are noticeably wider

UE-110694 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Kismet!SFixupSelfContextDialog::CloseWindow(bool) [SFixupSelfContextDlg.cpp:199]

UE-110877 Bound component functions in a child can incorrectly override parent binding

UE-111557 The Get Class Default node’s Hide Unconnected Pins option no longer hides the appropriate pins

UE-111353 Hide unconnected pins not working for GetClassDefaults node.

UE-104711 Crash applying instance changes to blueprint while a child blueprint with different properties is also in the level

UE-107271 GitHub 7715 : Update PlayerInput.cpp

UE-109812 Video does not loop correctly in ElectraPlayer

UE-110377 Http Server closes connections too quickly after they are established

UE-91178 Logic Error in FHttpPath::IsValidPath()

UE-101163 Game Center Leaderboards not displaying information on some iOS devices

UE-105470 Incorrect Resource Usage/Missing Barriers for Virtual Textures

UE-103235 Assertion failed: FoundTexture->Flags == Flags looking towards the back of TM-VRSmoke

UE-106085 [CrashReport]!X11_SetWindowPosition [SDL_x11window.c:863]

UE-109123 LinuxAArch64 fails to link when including

UE-109095 [CrashReport]!UCookOnTheFlyServer::BeginPackageCacheForCookedPlatformData(UE::Cook::FPackageData&, UE::Cook::FCookerTimer&) [CookOnTheFlyServer.cpp:1901]

UE-110161 Xcode 12.4 failed to compile editor when bEnableThreadSanitizer=true

UE-107757 iOS binaries have the architecture name appended when building via Xcode

UE-103497 Runtime Virtual Texture crash in es31 editor preview

UE-110644 Unnecessary Gradle steps runs when UE4CommandLine.txt or AndroidManifest.xml doesn’t change

UE-110880 CSM disappeared if enable spotlight shadow on ES31

UE-107897 Slower Cache Uniform Expression in 4.26 compare with 4.24

UE-107898 Artifact caused by material Fresnel node


UE-106501 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!FHeightfieldLightingViewInfo::CompositeHeightfieldsIntoGlobalDistanceField

UE-107228 Crash and visual artifact with fullscreen DBuffer decals in forward shading mode.

UE-106127 Groom renders black after cast shadow is disabled

UE-90851 SceneCaptureCube does not work for FinalColor

UE-106137 Groom is not affected by interpolation changes made in groom editor

UE-106319 crashed when load groom asset with Automate property

UE-107672 Linux - Crash when moving/turning the viewport camera in project that contains hair

UE-109689 Motionblur displays harsh cutoff in 4.26

UE-109296 Motion Blur artifact when no objects are moving

UE-109048 Crash converting Car Configurator Sample Project textures to Virtual Textures

UE-110256 Crash when setting SSAO Quality to 0

UE-108524 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-HairStrandsCore!static void RunInternalHairStrandsInterpolation(class FRDGBuilder & const, const class FSceneView *, EWorldType::Type, const class FGPUSkinCache *, const struct FShaderDrawDebugData *, class FGlobalShaderMap *

UE-109532 Crash loading niagara assets when -noshadercompile is specified

UE-110330 Virtual Bones Crash CPU Emitters

UE-110518 Occlusion Query does not take screen perspective into account

UE-104355 Major CPU performance regression in FLandscapeComponentSceneProxy::GetDynamicRayTracingInstances

UE-94090 [CrashReport]FPrecomputedVolumetricLightmapData::RemoveFromSceneData(FPrecomputedVolumetricLightmapData *,int) [PrecomputedVolumetricLightmap.cpp:653]

UE-103341 Visual discrepancy between VK and D3D(11,12) on Windows with an HDR output monitor

UE-106385 RHICopyTexture fails to copy from R16G16 to BC1

UE-106490 [CrashReport] Assertion failed: SizeX <= GetMax2DTextureDimension() [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/D3D12RHI/Private/D3D12Texture.cpp] [Line: 714]

UE-109910 Regression in editor performance in D3D11

UE-109676 QAGame does not shut down when it is closed

UE-109816 Headless Chaos fails to build when PhysX is the default physics engine.

UE-109380 All ELinearConstraintMotion pins in BP reset to “Free” when converting a project to 4.26

UE-106995 Assert when right-clicking a version in the source control File History dialog

UE-107553 Huge memory usage spike when spawning actors in loop through BP

UE-108328 Editor Viewport Resize Very Slow in 4.26 compared to 4.25.3

UE-110289 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-AssetTools!UAssetToolsImpl::AdvancedCopyPackages(TMap<FString,FString,FDefaultSetAllocator,TDefaultMapHashableKeyFuncs<FString,FString,0> > const &,bool,bool) [AssetTools.cpp:934]

UE-105008 [CrashReport] FTickTaskLevel::QueueAllTicks() [TickTaskManager.cpp:978]

UE-111689 Variant Manager - Crash switching variants.

UE-106064 [CrashReport] SAssetView::AssetVerifyRenameCommit(TSharedPtr<FAssetViewItem,0> const &,FText const &,FSlateRect const &,FText &) [SAssetView.cpp:3495]

UE-107591 Save asset dialog doesn’t update correctly

UE-107273 Error synchronizing Revit to UE DirectLink

UE-107752 Error synchronizing Revit to UE with DirectLink

UE-108599 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Memory leak causing crash when exporting large number of meshes

UE-107968 [Regression] Revit families exported with too many actors / components compared to 4.25

UE-109128 Missing instances of linked Revit scenes with Datasmith exporter and Direct Link

UE-110151 GitHub 7820 : Make sure ExtraTexturePaths contain only absolute paths.

UE-102409 DirectLink - Datasmith Revit 2020 Exporter - Missing parts of multi-story stairs

UE-109376 Wrong Transform on some entities with Direct Link sync from 4.27 exporters

UE-110717 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-StaticMeshEditorExtension!UUVGenerationFlattenMapping::GetOverlappingCornersRemapping(FMeshDescription const &,bool) [UVGenerationFlattenMapping.cpp:1344]

UE-108654 Lights are displaced when importing from Rhino into UE

UE-106061 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!FEditorModeTools::DeactivateScriptableModeAtIndex(int) [EditorModeManager.cpp:594]

UE-106063 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-FoliageEdit!FEdModeFoliage::Exit() [FoliageEdMode.cpp:488]

UE-109149 Persistent level containing sublevels with HLODS invalidate after saving.

UE-107261 GitHub 7714 : Fix Factory ScriptFactoryCreateFile always failing to create asset.

UE-108919 Importing a FBX containing a material without a name can generate a bad material asset.

UE-109000 USD importer crashes editor: asset import failed on polygonVertexCount

UE-110235 USD - Wrong scene hierarchy

UE-110343 RGBA16 textures export to TGA files inverse the Red and Blue channel.

UE-110693 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UnFbx::GetImportOptions(UnFbx::FFbxImporter *,UFbxImportUI *,bool,bool,FString const &,bool &,bool &,bool,FString const &,bool,EFBXImportType) [FbxMainImport.cpp:189]

UE-110633 Reimporting SkeletalMesh with LODs generated via reduction tool crashes when reduction plugin is disabled

UE-109010 Crash when re importing groom when instantiated in Level

UE-111429 GitHub 7845 : Fix can?t import three bone animations one time

UE-108053 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-LandscapeEditor!FLandscapeToolSplines::HandleClick(HHitProxy *,FViewportClick const &) [LandscapeEdModeSplineTools.cpp:1055]

UE-107521 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-LandscapeEditor!FLandscapeEditorCustomNodeBuilder_Layers::FillClearPaintLayerMenu(FMenuBuilder &,int,TArray<ULandscapeLayerInfoObject *,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> >) [LandscapeEditorDetailCustomization_Layers.cpp:375]

UE-97054 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Landscape!ALandscape::PrepareComponentDataToExtractMaterialLayersCS

UE-110989 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-GraphEditor!SGraphNodeMaterialComment::MoveTo(FVector2D const &,TSet<TWeakPtrSNodePanel::SNode,0,DefaultKeyFuncs<TWeakPtrSNodePanel::SNode,0,0>,FDefaultSetAllocator> &) [SGraphNodeMaterialComment.cpp:20]

UE-107745 Python interpreter does not run in thread-safe mode

UE-107108 Adding a widget to a grid panel inside the grid panel tick can cause an out-of-bounds error

UE-107272 GitHub 7716 : Update SCheckBox.cpp

UE-107123 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-UMGEditor!SHierarchyView::OnKeyDown(FGeometry const &,FKeyEvent const &) [SHierarchyView.cpp:146]

UE-107744 Nullptr deref crash using widget CachedElementData

UE-106334 UMG Animations on existing widgets break when loading new level

UE-103547 Ensure setting Widget Component TickMode to Disabled

UE-106974 Combobox navigation does not work consistently

UE-107139 Virtual Production Templates: Cvar r.TemporalAA.Upsampling in DefaultEngine.ini/Render Settings should be removed

UE-103050 TimeCode Synchronizer - Crash when open the Synchronization Window from a TimeCode Synchronizer asset - ngine\TimecodeProvider.h:90]

UE-107895 nDisplay is not able to process multiple unique cluster events per frame

UE-110050 Random crashes when cluster events are used

UE-110051 nDisplay configuratore preview is broken

UE-110052 Can’t load map with cluster events

UE-108263 Incorrect logic for custom present set

UE-110326 Remote Control API - Crash when remotely calling a python function that returns an array

UE-110859 Switchboard - SoundDevices plugin fails to trigger recording

UE-108828 Switchboard - Memory leak in listener

UE-110380 Switchboard - “Fix ExeFlags” not working on some PCs

UE-107912 Switchboard - Some nDisplay sync stats blank on non-Quadro cards

UE-107267 Virtualcamera2actor Always Adds UI to the Viewport in PIE

UE-110286 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-VCamCore!UVCamOutputRemoteSession::DestroyRemoteSession() [VCamOutputRemoteSession.cpp:167]

UE-111781 VCam - Using latest Unreal Remote with Unreal 4.25 and earlier will sometimes result in no image being shown

UE-109936 Vcam - No Option in UnrealRemote 2 application to edit the LiveLink Subject Name for Multi-Cam

UE-81971 Get Tracking State does not change in ARCore

UE-103459 Media Framework Appears White in TM-Shadermodels on Lumin

UE-108918 PSVR Rendering is jittery, uncomfortable, with TRC warning message about not enough flips/second

UE-111398 Quad stereo is rendering black in the additional views with ISR