Issue regarding an unknown Cmd render input on my gamepad controller.

Dear Community,

Once again I have encountered what seems like a bug, yet it is something that came up without any changes.

I have a gamepad controler (Wireless Microsoft X-Box). For a very long time I have had no problems using this controller but, as of today, when I press the ‘Y’ button on this controller, it so happens that it is bound to a: “Cmd: FreezeRendering” command. I can read this in the output log as well.

After trying to find if I perhaps made a binding for this button I ended just as wise as I am right now.

Is there something I can delete (like a .ini file) or other to “reset” the inputs?


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P.S. I didn’t really know where to put this specific error, thus I will try to open a Topic at the “Rendering” section of the Unreal Forums, because the error seems to be most related to said section.

I have created a new project, and it fixed my error.


When I bound the same key to a function (FaceButton Top) the bug came up again.
That means whenever I press this button the function “FreezeRendering” will be executed again until I press the button again (Freeze Foliage Culling)

Hoping to see a fix soon.

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Another bug I have found today is that the same thing happens when I press the “f” key on my keyboard whilst playing the game,

I really need some information on this bug, because I feel like I can not continue with this project.

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It seems to be coming from ‘InitializeDebugCameraInputBindings’ in the engine code :confused:
I also don’t like that the ‘F’ key is doing this. I assume it will not be like this anymore if I was to build in Shipping instead of Debug but I haven’t tried it