Issue Mapping Panoramic Video to SkySphere


I’m having an issue with mapping a media texture onto a skysphere and was hoping someone could lend a hand. When I plug the texture sample into the emissive colour, the texture mirrors at the ‘horizon’ of the sky sphere.


And here is the blueprint for the material:


As shown I’ve already altered the texture co-ordinates a bit to fix it as much as I can but this cannot fix the ‘mirroring’.

When I change the texture sample to a texture2D I get the following error:


All of the solutions I’ve found thus far are related to still textures and not media textures such as this and so I’m at a loose end. I’m fairly new to Unreal so any guidance would be much appreciated.

This is for a 360 horror shortfilm I’m helping a friend with called Exodus. My ultimate goal is to tackle the sound design in Matinee so that the audio supports head tracking.


If it’s just a 360 video and not stereoscopic you can still apply the same methods as a still texture. Try this in your material and see if it works.