ISSUE - Light doesnt build, entire scene black

Hi guys!,

I’m working on a simple archviz kitchen for a client. i imported all my meshes trough Datasmith, and added materials manually. i have a sky and directional light set up with a big Sphere as the HDRI. however when i click Build Lighting, unreal doesnt start anything and my scene.

My scene with light set to Dynamic^

My scene with static light after clicking Build ^

I tried adding basic UE geometry like cubes to see if my meshes were the problem, but the basic actors also turn black:

However when i create a new level and add some random cubes, Unreal does make the swarm connection like it should when i build.

Does anyone have any idea why my engine doesnt want to bake my light? Been breaking my head over this for somedays and really just need to get the thing baked.
Thanks in advance!