[Issue] Distributed Rendering does not shorten baking times at all

Hi everyone,
I have two (almost) identical hardware computers and I tried to make them both compute the lightmass from one of my projects.
Computer 1 (PRO-02) - my current workstation on which I already baked the lighting on its own, took 2000 seconds
Computer 2 (PRO-03) - second identical computer
Computer 3 (PRO-08) - third computer used mainly as coordinator since it’s not so great on the hardware part.

Long story short, all computers seem to actively take part into the computing process, their cores are close to 100% all the time, but all 3 computers set on distributed rendering compute the scene in exactly the same amount of time as Computer 1 does, so it takes 2000 seconds either way. All processes in the Swarm Status take just as long for both the identical PCs, they are not cut in half as expected.
THis is very weird since, as I said, the first and second computers have identical CPUs (Ryzen Threadripper 2950x).

Any ideas about what is happening here? Thanks!