Issue creating a C++ slate widget in the editor


Anytime I attempt to create a slate widget by right clicking in the ‘C++ Classes’ in the editor and select ‘Slate Widget’ from the parent class I get this:

‘Successfully added class ‘StandardSlateWidget’, however you must recompile the ‘MainProject’ module before it will appear in the Content Browser. Failed to automatically hot reload the ‘MainProject’ module.’

Even If I restart Unreal and Visual studios I still can not see the Widget in the editor. I can see the C++ class in visual studios.

Slate is comply outside of reflection system you wont see it’s Slate classes in editor… or else you actually use it in C++ for some editor UI, refection system only supports UObject. UMG was been made to wrap Slate in to UObject envraiment and make it usable to blueprints, in order for Slate widget to be oparable in UMG you need to make wrapper class for it extended from UWidget class.

Unfortunately this isn’t what the issue is. The issue is that I can not see the C++ file in the UE4 editor. It doesn’t appear like the rest of the C++ classes.

What you see in editor is not C++ files but classes that engine see and as i said engine only see UObject classes