Isometric Water Waves


I have an island scene which is setup as just an image I made in photoshop stuck on a 2D sprite (I’ve tried a few methods in 3D but this gave the best result for what I wanted)

What I want is some waves to slowly move in and hit the shore line (where the red arrow is) and potentially also where the yellow arrow points (although I guess this makes things even harder) I’m curious what my options are?

I’ve searched around and there are a few options but most are for 3D environments.

The most logical thing I can think of is to create a “Wave image” that Is made up of the blue water and a white tip. Move this slowly towards the shore and then fade out when it gets there. Using a number of these and add some additional smaller movements to simulate waves going up and down I think should get close. I would also need to think about dispersion around the edges?

However is there an alternative solution? Have you guys worked in this sort of situation before?