Isometric tilemap - chnaging individual tiles

Hey everyone!
So i have started creating a isometric 2d game in blueprints, and currently looking into tile maps.
The isometric tilemap feature would work great for me however i cant see much information on it.
If i create a an isometric tilemap grid, could i change individual tiles on the grid via blueprint?

To get an idea of what i mean, imagine i create a grid with all BLUE tiles. what i am looking for is to change a tile to RED when the player clicks on it. isn that possible through blueprint?
I can achieve this if i make the grid by using instanced static meshes for each grid tile, however it would really help if i could use tilemaps to do the same thing.

Hope someone can assist me, thank you all!

There’s currently a bug with it. You could view my bug right here dealing with changing tiles on a tilemap.