Isometric problems

I’m really struggling to implement an isometric camera view for my project.

The orthographic camera is too buggy to be of any use right now (and has been for a few years for what i’m reading) so I managed to get a fairly accurate representation of the style by setting the field of view of my camera really low, ±10. (Picture below)

Now the camera angle is “correct” but this solution comes with many other drawbacks.

Since the camera is so far away to accomodate the new field of view, effects suck as AO and light quality are either really degraded or invisible.

Is there a solution or Is this genre of games a unity (Pillars of eternity / Planescape Torment) prerogative for now?

I’m adding a graph to show where all the quality in my set up is concentrated (red) and where it would be needed instead (green):

I tried to change clipping plane but it doesn’t seem to do anything.
I’ve played with the directional light settings which improved the situation a bit but not by much.
Ao is either invisible or really bad at that distance.