Island locked by administrator. Cannot make changes

On Sunday evening after submitting a regular weekly update, my island was locked by an administrator.

I received a response from player support stating the reason was “Adult content and requests for player interactions outside Fortnite have been observed in this island’s thumbnail”
The thumbnail in question is actually the leaderboard in my game, it has players names, scores and text saying to send scores to my socials.

(Image of leaderboard)

In the email from player support it states “if you need any additional request after performing the changes please let me know!”
But I can’t make the changes because the island is locked in uefn and the creator portal.

I have tried to reach out to player support again and I am getting nowhere, they even told me to post here for help.
@HalcyonKnight96 sorry to tag you especially if you are on break, but a couple of other creators have told me you could possibly help with this?
Any help at this point is greatly appreciated.

I have a dedicated playerbase that are asking me why my map has vanished and the code no longer works,

@Richimpulse Hello! This is something that our Player Support team can investigate for you to give more information: Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games

Thank you for your reply.
I have already talked to player support and they told me to come here for answers.
I’ve now received another email saying they have transferred my request for further review.

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Just to update this.
I have still not had any response from player support on this matter.
This is extremely damaging to my playerbase.

Could any mods or staff update on this? The same thing is happening to my island and it has been almost a day. The only message I have received from support is that the island was taken down for adult content, but similarly to Richimpulse, I only updated the leaderboard in my game. Feedback on this would be appreciated ASAP as the island being down really is detrimental to my player base as well.

try removing the bit where it says send me a screenshot or tag me…

try wording it like submit your highscores to OUR twitter…

my guess is because you are asking people to message you, an individual, directly. little kids play this game…

but if you were just telling people to submit to a twitter like its a company/entity then it might be ok.
pretty sure this rule is to prevent predators getting kids to contact them in private messages.

Im only guessing, but based on the response and what your leaderboard says… thats what i would try

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Yea I think that’s what the issue is since my island also has users submit their screenshots to my twitter. But the problem is that we can’t remove anything from the island since it’s locked. Basically we can’t upload any new versions, or revert to an old version, and the island is down. :confused:

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@here I’ll notify the team about this. Sorry for the hassle and thank your for your patience.


Thank you for your reply.
Happy to do whatever it takes to get this resolved!

Just wanted to add in, I’m pretty sure the reason why @Richimpulse island and mine were taken down for adult content is due to some of the names on the leaderboards being inappropriate. As I don’t think just having your twitter handle on an island is “adult content”

Yes I see this one as a pretty difficult issue to work with too as we’d have to moderate players usernames to keep it in line (sorry I can’t add you unless you use a different name)
Also should I report said player for their inappropriate username?

It looks like leaderboards will have to be completely removed to prevent these issues, but at the expense of losing players who want to be competitive or love to see their names in game.

I just hope this rule will be enforced across the entire community, as there are hundreds of maps out there with leaderboards and requests for players to visit their socials. My main issue is the unfairness and seemingly selective removal of certain islands.

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Any update on this? I see that Richimpulse got their island unlocked, but mine is still locked.

I ended up contacting someone via the official creative discord to get the issue resolved.
I never heard anything back via email or here.
I really hope the entire moderation system is reworked as in it’s current state the damage to playerbases and ultimately careers is massive.