Is Windows Phone support planned?

Just as the title suggest, I dare to ask if there is any planned support for Windows Phone OS & Windows RT?


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they seem to be working on it but that’s about all I’ve been able to find.

I’m afraid I don’t believe this is planned at the moment.

We have been doing some work in this direction (implementing various levels of WinRT API support) and we want to have Windows Phone support eventually, but we’re a very long way from having a ship-quality implementation.

Right now our mobile efforts are really focused on iOS and Android based on their huge market sizes. We have a lot of work to do on these platforms before expanding to other mobile platforms such as WP.

Thank you, Tim!
One more question - do you think the amount of work involved is something that an indie/small team could develop?
With little guidance from Epic, I would love to get this going as a community project!

Great news man! Keep up the good work and we can’t thank you enough for what you did to the indie community!!

It feels like to get an answer I have to “bump” this topic.

I would at least like to see a Windows Modern section for this forum so we can at least start talking about it.

I would also be interested in windows phone 8 support and I’m willing to put work into this. I’m currently working on a project that has a windows phone 8 initial requirement and I’m forced to use a different engine while I would rather use UE4 for later releases on other platforms.

Been told that the Windows Phone 8.1 API (just release as a dev preview) is much better and simpler. For instance can create a Universal App which runs on phones and tablets without recompile (8.0 could not do that). Also 8.1 has the interface between C++ and C# simplified. Perhaps it will now be easier for Epic to complete the port ?


+1 for Windows phone 8/8.1 support. The market is growing for it, and as someone who has had all 3 phone OS it’s by far my personal favourite to use. I think epic should lead the way with this not just look at the numbers, obviously plenty of developers WANT windows phone support, chicken and egg stuff here - and the market for games on Windows Phone may be smaller atm but it’s also easier to make games stand out to those that want to buy them.

So please, Epic, don’t forget windows phone. With 8.1 it’s evolved into a really cool OS for mobile kinda halfway between android and iOS (simpler, slicker than android but not totally dumbed down) and more people are jumping ship from iOS but don’t really want relative ‘complexity’ of Android.

Anyway - yeah what the thread says. Please. :slight_smile:

count me in TOO

I have a android tablet, and that’s enough for me, though I enjoy it size wize . I do not own iOS anything, nor maxosX atm though I"d love to, and its only due to apples’ ridiculous pricing, no ty, but I also honestly am not one for the boring old hat by now, ‘icon’ themes of both devices. That’s just my personal take, from the mind of an artist .

Aside from loving MetroUI, I love the progressive UI design , and don’t miss the ‘icon’ approach of either android or IOS , one tiny bit really. I had a window phone 7 device, and now with nokia 520 a wp8 device too and I just love it.

Seeing that Epic is at least, thinking about this makes me tons more enticed to slap down my money and get cooking.

I’m very grateful they gave the community what they did with BLueprints and visual coding, as while coding matters, we can’t all be seasoned pro’s in it, but we all are here because we desire to make awesome things to wow people with :wink:

Please count me in, for wp8 support, asap, and I too would love to be in on some form of initial progress in that direction.

Good job Epic, please dont’ forget about those of us that love our wp8 devices, and as has already been noted, the market share IS increasing, steadily. I dare say, Linux support is growing a lot slower than wp8 is, as Linux market share #'s when I check, are pretty darn slow and still in 1% range. That’s not partisan, but something I’ve seen since I"ve been paying attention, over the last few years.

thx :wink:

I would love unreal engine to support Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT. Perhaps their looking into that universal app for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1.

I really enjoy using Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 and RT (Surface 2 which is awesome).

Put it great that their thinking about this anyway.

Yeah I’ve got an android tablet (Nexus 7) and it’s great, but I too much prefer for a phone the Windows Phone OS of my Lumia 920 (which is a gorgeous phone inside/out regardless of people thinking it’s too heavy lol… it isn’t btw). And yes I too am bored with esp the iOS layout/look by now.

Also maybe it’s just me but it feels a bit like Epic turning their back on the core developers and fans of yore who more often than not used windows machines, I know that doesn’t strictly correlate to what tablet/phone OS they may use but as WP improved many of us ‘windows fans’ decided to try it out and I have no complaints as of 2014 (vs a couple years back)

I’m here for Windows phone support too…

I have some experience with making games for Windows 8 Store apps. So the news that the integration with Unreal Engine is under way is music to my ears.
I was however having a think about having a go at the integration myself.

There is a one filer App.xaml.cs that exposes the events for Windows store apps and also the initialization point.
You may be able to set the initialization point of the Unreal Engine inside the App.xaml.cs. You will then need to replace all DirectX surface initialization to load into the SwapChainPanel component you can add to your own .xaml layout.
At this point there may be some issues that need to be ironed out, but the idea is that the SwapChainPanel should offer all the tools that are built into the Unreal Engine (touches wood… wehey).
You’ll then have to tie in any input events using the App.xaml.cs event assigners which of course could and should be abstracted into the Unreal Engine itself.

Considering my goal is to create games for Windows store apps… It could be a great project to start in Github… I will do some of the ground work on my own.

NB: I had just only noticed that Unreal Engine 3 supports Windows 8 store apps… How do I get a copy of that?
Note to Unreal Engine developers: Is there any way I can help with the Windows app store integration for Unreal? I’d love to be of assistance considering it’s all I want out of the Unreal engine!

NB: The following game was made using all of DirectX 11’s usual API calls and it is pumped into a SwapChainPanel: Windows Store - El Mango

I’m reviving this thread by saying I support this too.

I’m planning to make a mobile game and I want to use UE4. I use a Windows Phone myself so I would love to see it supported. A silly question to ask but do you think that if I started working on the project, would it be easy to port it to Windows phone when it’s available?

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Windows modern ui and windows phone

I’ve waited and waited for word on some progress with windows phone support and I’m pretty much done waiting. Not a peep out of the UE4 creators for many months. Also, Epic seems to have some political issue with making the engine work with modern ui, I have a problem with that because I feel that preventing us from having the choice is worse then their objections to the microsoft store. The bigger issue, apparently, is that though they said they planned support for windows phone, that is more and more seeming like a lie. I’ve pretty much decided on Unity3d because of this issue. They may have their own set of problems but at least they aren’t trying to force feed me their politics at the expense of my bottom-line and they DO support windows phone in addition to all the platforms UE supports.

Adding support for a new platform is a lot of work, Android and iOS support aren’t complete yet, not to mention things like Linux and HTML5. Windows Phone would be the least important platform for them to work on considering the small userbase, so I wouldn’t count on it being added any time soon. In fact, if you check the Roadmap, it’s not even on there.

What they said is that they’ve been slowly working toward it but it’s not a priority based on the number of users. In fact I’ll go quote exactly that from higher up this page:

Is there any proof of this political claim you make? Because right now all I’m seeing is a claim from Epic that it’s based on insufficient Windows Phone marketshare. Something that BGR seems to corroborate, claiming a meager 2.7% marketshare down from 3.8% last year. In the same period Android grew from 80% to 84%.

There’s not much demand for it. Plain and simple. It’s not some grand conspiracy against Microsoft and all those who wish to develop for the platform. It’s a shame it’s not supported but based on sales numbers there’s not much of a market for Unreal Engine 4 on Windows Phone. I expect the value proposition would break down further when you examine the technical specifications of the most popular Windows Phone models, this time last year the Lumia 520 and 620, both low end budget models, made up 41% of Windows Phones.

Trying to make this look like a conspiracy doesn’t help your case. If it’s so important to you, remember that you have source access. You can pay someone to get it working on Windows Phone or do it yourself.

Did I indicate that there was a conspiracy? No, but, thanks for putting words in my mouth there in your attempt to discredit me. My statement regarding epic’s opinion of the windows store is based on Tim Sweeney’s (the founder of epic) “concerns” about windows store AND to further quote him "that (windows store) sucks compared to the open nature of the PC platform before…”. It’s no secret that he has a problem with it. I can’t say that he’s wrong but I would rather be able to choose for myself which platforms to publish for.

As far as numbers go, yours don’t help your case. This is about selling software not about who is winning the smartphone wars. It seems you’re saying that 30+ million windows phone 8 devices are not worth coding for. That’s just crazy talk imo. Unity3d (for example) manages to allow easy porting to all platforms which opens my market up to an additional 30-40 million windows phone 8 users AND all users of windows 8 modern UI that prefer modern ui apps (tablet users for example) which is certainly in the many millions more. I would like to do the same with UE4 but, unfortunately, that isn’t an option.

Not sure if it’s your intent but your saying “the source is available” comes off as condescending to me. Who in their right mind would undertake a project of that scale and complexity JUST so you could publish your game to a platform, realizing that you could never monetize the updated portability or IP. The only entity that can profit from adding platforms to UE4 is going to be epic.

Anyway, this will be my last message as a “supporter”. IF ever they decide to add more platforms I’d be happy to take another look.