Is VR via GearVR worth the trouble?

I haven’t tried Gear VR yet.

However after reading Carmack’s twitter I have my reservations about VR in the form of GearVR. From what I gathered, graphics have to be a la Quake 1 or even worse in order for VR game to perform smoothly on GearVR. It seems like a huge step backward, compare to let’s say Crescent Bay or Steam VR (although I haven’t heard any feedback on Steam VR in comparison to Crescent Bay).

Fanboyism aside, is it really that awesome to be in VR that looks like a quite dated video game ?

It just feels like OR chose wrong direction based on the market size and now it’s trying hard to shove it down our throats “it looks like ****, but it’s VR!!!”

Just wondering if I am the only one who feels that way :slight_smile:

It’s some lenses with a gyroscope plus timewarp on a stereo rendered mobile device. Nothing much else to it. In my personal opinion the power of these devices feels more like Half-Life / UnrealTournament then Quake1 with wide open games and in heavily controlled spaces it can look better then most of the early Xbox360 games. With that said I do want to point out that we can compare the computing power of a phone vs a hardcore gaming PC all day but I guess the real question is which of the two do you feel will have more thrust? A portion of people who own a powerful PC gaming computer (population unknown) vs a portion of Note 4 owners (which it’s sales broke 4.5 million units the first month) as well as the soon to be S6 owners, or both if you wish to tweak your finished PC project into a mobile port.

Also keep in mind Oculus never chose to dedicate themselves to the mobile market, Carmack did. And even then he won’t be 100% dedicated to it for the rest of his time at Oculus.