Is Visual Studio 2010 supported?

I just received the PDF file and in that on page 4 it is mentioned “…activate Visual Studio 2012 prior to…”. I only have VS 2010 (C# and VB.NET. No C++) installed. I plan to install C++ later after playing with Rocket a bit. So is Visual Studio 2010 supported?

I just loaded it up my project in VS2010 and it (seems) to work just fine.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Visual Studio 2012 or higher should be required for Rocket. If VS 2010 works, that’s news to me. One of the reasons that we decided to support VS 2012 and up is because the freely available version of VS 2010 Express does not support 64-bit targets which we require for game modules built to run within the editor.


He specifically asked about VS2010, not the express edition. I can confirm it works in VS2010 Ultimate, I don’t know about the express edition as I don’t have to use that obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

How exactly did you made VS2010 Ultimate work? When i started Rocket it said No C++ compiler found so i changed the Environment Variable to VS 2010\Common7\IDE and started Rocket. Now it found the compiler and when i start a new C++ project it showed C++ Compile Complete in a green box but after a few seconds an error appeared and it was “UnrealBuild Tool has stopped working” and another error pop up (I forgot what it said exactly but it contained something like “Do you want to debug this in the IDE”). But when i try to open it up an error popped up and it was like this: “It is a solution file but was created with a new Visual Studio”.

So can you tell me how you made VS2010 work?

To Epic: Can you please add support for VS2010 Professional and above?

There is no plan yet to support Visual Studio 2010 for Rocket, but your feedback is appreciated and we’ll think about it some more. I’d be interested in knowing why you’d want to use Visual Studio 2010 Pro versus installing the Express version of Visual Studio 2012? That is, which features are missing in the Express version that you need day to day?

One of the reasons we decided not to support Visual Studio 2010 was that the Express edition of 2010 doesn’t have a 64-bit C++ compiler included with it, which is required for Rocket programming. The other reason is that we’re generally moving development of UE4 away from the older version of the compiler so that we can use more modern C++ features to make life a bit easier for everyone!


Thanks for the clarification Mike. The only thing i hate in VS 2012 is it dont have installation customization and installs all those other junk languages. If VS 2013 has installation customization and works with Rocket then am completely ok with it and i wont be bothering about VS2010 again. :slight_smile:

This may be a little superficial, but VS2012’s GUI style makes my eyeballs want to run from my head. :slight_smile:

Try this - It is much easier on my eyeballs.
TOOLS > Options > Environment (General) > Change the Color theme to Dark

woohoo Alexander your tip was very helpful to me!

Something else I like to do is also

Tools->options->fonts and colors

and change all the backgrounds to black

and I do my best to make the output window look as…friendly as possible given that I am staring at it constantly :slight_smile:

this is my new output window thanks to your tip Alex!

There were a couple new releases and the information says that 2013 is required although with the you could build with 2012. Does VS2010 still work/compile or do we need to move to a newer compiler?

How can I start a new project with VS2010?

VS2010 is no longer supported.

You’ll preferably need VS2013, or alternatively we still support VS2012 (for now).

U should post this as a separate question or comment :wink:

I work at Microsoft as a Tech Evangelist (and was also a Rocket tester, and UDK author).

If you or anyone working on an UE4 project need Visual Studio, I can set you up with BizSpark for free, which will grant everyone on your team a license for Visual Studio Premium 2013.