Is Unreal Engine suitable for a RPG game?

Hi, I’m new in this forum.
I haven’t bought the engine yet, because I want to know more about this software.
I want to create games for hobby, and not for commercial purpose.
I suppose that 20$/month is a very good price for a game engine!
I would like to make a RPG game, with world, artificial intelligence for enemies and 2d graphics for inventory.
Is this possible in this engine?
If I code my game on Windows, can I export it directly on Linux or have I to recode?
Thank you all!

Yes of course, and it does support Linux

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Unreal Engine is the most flexible game-engine I touched. And yes, 20$ months its an acceptable price. Unreal Engine can do everything you want and with outstanding performance.
Regarding to the Linux question, have a look here:

Hope this helps!

Hi Sabino98,

I’ll try and answer some of your questions for you and provide some links for information to help you make your decision. :slight_smile:

I would agree, as a user myself and as an employee this is a good price point! :slight_smile:

As many users have pointed out, if you did not want to pay the $19/mo you can pay for the first month then cancel your subscription and you are welcome to use that version of the engine and the content that has been released to that point for as long as you would like. If you want the latest updates then keeping an active subscription is the best route!

Epic is updating regularly with the Engine and adding tons of functionality! In the last two updates for 4.2 and 4.3 we’ve included over a thousand combined updates, features, and fixes!

This is possible. You have full access to C++ source code if you prefer doing this in C++ or you can use Blueprints (our visual scripting) to achieve a lot of the same features without using C++ programming.

There have been several users who have set up systems you are wanting to create as well.

Here are some examples:

For AI:
Peter L. Newton (aka SilentX) has a lot of AI tutorials on his YouTube Page to help get you started.

For UI:
Epic is hard at work to get UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics), our custom UI, in the engine but this is still being developed and will be available within a few releases hopefully!
There are other options like Coherent UI and the user created VaQuoleUI

For Inventory Systems example:

Fully Functional Networked Inventory Tutorial System

I’m not sure on this one. Hopefully someone with more in-depth code experience can give you a good answer here. :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


And this is why I love Epic! :smiley:

You can make any kind of game in UE4!

But this power also means that making a fully featured RPG will require you to learn tons of stuff and spend a lot of time. You should probably start with a very simple game and work yourself up from there. If you are not prepared for this, other alternatives (like RPG Maker) might be a better choice for you. But if you choose to learn Unreal Engine you can in time master what is arguably the most powerful game engine in existence!

And don’t forget that you do not have to pay each month. If you cancel the subscription, you still have full access to UE4. You only need to resubscribe when you want a new update, ord download something from the marketplace. A good alternative if you are short on money, but this far each update has been more than worth it. One wise strategy is to subscribe for one month and get started learning. When you have mastered the basics and know you want to continue with UE4, just subscribe again to get the lastest version, complete with new stuff to learn.

Good luck!

I guess I’ll chime in here and offer my two cents, as well. First of all, the engine is more than worth it’s entry fee. There’s no doubt about that!

However, you didn’t quite comment on your abilities. Quite honestly, if you have no prior game development experience, there’s going to be a rather steep learning curve. Though, that’s often the case when learning a new engine, piece of software and so forth. So, that should be expected.

Though, this leads into expectations in general, I feel. It’s probably not best to aim to create the next best thing. You’ll be discouraged, otherwise, when things don’t go as planned. It’s best to start with a small project first. If you can’t code, Blueprints would be the best place to start, I’d say. Learn the engine first, before setting your sights on something alike a role-playing game.

This type of project is certainly possible on Unreal Engine 4, though. If you can imagine it, you’ll likely be able to create it. Assuming one has the skill and time! :wink:

Hope some of this helps and the best of luck!

You may have to make some minor changes, but the bulk of the code (and other stuff) will be usable as it is.

As all the others already said, it is possible to create a RPG game. :slight_smile: My team and I are currently developing one → combat system, health system, stamina system, item system,… everything was made with some simple blueprint setups. So even without coding experience you can get pretty far with the development of a RPG

Ask me in a couple of years, if my hair is still intact then I can give you as solid yes.

Have a look at the RPG Starter Kit :wink: