Is Unreal Engine 4 support multi-touch windows?

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I know Unreal support multi-touch for ios , but what about windows?


Nobody knows?

Hi abdsf,

Specifically what devices are you currently developing on?

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I use microsoft surface pro , is unreal support touch on windows 8?

We haven’t done too much in the way of Windows 8/WindowsRT/WinPhone8 yet. The beginnings of it are in the source code on GitHub. Adding touch supports sounds relatively easy to add, but I don’t believe anyone has added it yet.

I could use touch support on Windows 7, like something I could use in Blueprints

Any actual information about Windows 7/8 multi touch support ?

Have there been any developments with this? I’m interested in using a large windows touch screen for a kiosk-style setup, is it possible yet?

Also very interested about windows 8 multitouch support ! Please Feedback us

It may be possible if you take a look at the touch controls for mobile platforms. Just modify those in blueprint or C++ and see what happens.

That’s not the issue, for touch interaction with Windows you have to tie into the Windows touch system. It’s not the same as mobile. In the past that would mean that you’d have to have it as a specific feature, though in newer versions of Windows it might be designed to run like it does on Mobile.

wish Unreal add support for windows touch as soon as possible , its a very important feature .

I too am also trying to develop on a windows 8 laptop w/a touchscreen and cannot get anything other than Touch 1 to fire off. Seen here:

I also cannot get more than Touch 1 to fire off. I’ve tried on a multi-touch monitor, as well as a Surface Pro 3. The devices themselves support up to 10 touch, but unreal engine doesn’t seem to care.

Lets get some support in this EPIC!

Is is definitely an issue! Windows by default seems to convert it to a mouse event. You need to capture it before that happens.

I’m just starting into using Unreal 4, hopefully for my next few projects ( from Adobe AIR ) and this is major hole in the multi-platform workflow and publishing.

I need multi-touch on Windows for an upcoming project.


PLEASE add support for windows 8.1/10 touch. I’ve had this capability for over a year now in Unity (OK, it needed a multi-gesture plugin but worked well).
Thanks in advance

I know this is an old thread.

So, does UE4 now support multi touch for Windows 10 ?

Need that in my project very soon.

Thanks in advance

Is Epic offering any ray of hope for multitouch on windows? It really is an important capability.

i really need this functionality, is there any chance it will be implemented sooner or later?

I am currently encountering the same problem: I am only able to get input1.

Strangely enough the editor is controllable with multi-touch. Why can’t I get it working in PIE mode.