Is Unreal Engine 4 support multi-touch windows?

Multi-touch control of the editor is using Windows multi-touch which sends the commands to the editor

I have an Unreal desktop app that lets users move objects around in 3 axes using the LMouse X/Y and the Mouse Wheel for Z. It works on laptops if a mouse is attached but I want to support some/any axis input to supplement the mouse wheel so a laptop user can provide “Z” input. My best thought is to use multi touch. 2 finger scroll or Z would nicely integrate with 1 finger X/Y.

The closest link online is this one but it suggests enabling Mouse for Touch, which breaks the rest of my existing UI. There seems no asset in the Marketplace so I’m at a dead end. 2 finger scroll has been around on Mac forever and has become pretty commonplace on Windows in the last few years. But Unreal does not support this???!!

This thread is 5 1/2yrs on so this may be a dead thread, but wanted to add to it in the hopes it will get some views and interest. Thanks.

UE4 has full support for multi-touch on Windows, you just have to set up your input points properly. After that it’s up to you to build how it’s going to be used; using Blueprints you can get stuff like the touch position and touch events.