Is UE5 more useful tha UE4 even if I dont have RTX card

So my main work is focused around architectural and product rendering, sometimes animations too and a lot of my arch scenes exceed poly count of 1M easily even if I try to optimize it

Can UE5 be a Useful Upgrade for someone like me who still uses a 1050ti ??

I’m totally a beginner so pls don’t go hard on me I have only seen Lumen and the new real time poly adjuster ( It has a name I forgot ) but I have no idea if it would work for me

Thank You.

You’re talking about “Nanite”… just try it,… with nanite you can have literally billions of polygons with a reaaaalllyyy awesome performance… but as always in CG… there are things to consider using Nanite… check the docs… Nanite Virtualized Geometry | Unreal Engine Documentation
But in generall, you’ll never worry about polycounts anymore,…

I’m doing all sorts of stuff (learning, portfolio,… etc etc) in UE5 Early access (and 4.27…)
(I actually am a “offline” CG deewd, where optimized polycounts don’t matter so much, therefore I’m absolutely stoked when it comes to Nanite and realtime,… no low poly represantations needed, just throw in your highres modell…)

With Lumen, still in development there are also some downsides right now (I’m realy talking about the Early access here)

as far as I know,… a 1050ti should handle the job…

Another thing is your overall system: it’s not only the GPU that counts,… but fast communication is also a advantage to that heavy stuff… I personally have a 2080super,… 64gb ram (fast CL’s)
and a x570 chipset with m2 SSD drives where one is connected via PCIe4… 4gb read write per sec…

And don’t get me wrong, but also, lighting in generall in UE is quite different from classical “raytracers”, not shure what your experience level is in generall (maybe I got you wrong here, assuming you’re new to the UE world in generall :grimacing: :man_shrugging:)

Sure Man, had no idea but if nanite is that good then it’ll save my tons of time, I literally had to get the assets and optimize them every time, It came to a point where I started saving all of them xD

Lumen Looks stunning in launch trailer but for me maybe when I could afford and get my hands on a 30 series card, On lighting I’ve done a few experiments so no problem with that, Thanks a lot man have a good day.