Is UE5 and World Partition suitable for what I'd like to do?

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I hope this is the correct place to post this. Sorry if not, I’m new here :sweat_smile:

Recently I’ve been thinking about recreating a real life area in UE5, and possibly even using it in some sort of game later on. But I noticed that the max world size of UE5 really isn’t that large when comparing it to a real life location. Usually I can only get a few towns and villages, with little of a proper highway and road system when looking for areas that will work with the max world size. So I googled for a bit and found World Partition, but I’m really unsure if it’s really what I should use. Can someone tell me how big I could make my map, while keeping performance and graphics in mind ? I’m a little worried using World Partition would really limit me in terms of what I can do, so I’ve been very careful with how highpoly I make my meshes. I’m glad UE5 is introducing Nanite, which probably helps me with highpoly meshes but I’m not really sure how far this works with World Partition either. I just really don’t know much about game engines so I chose Unreal Engine because what UE5 is bringing seems really promising! Nothing really suited me in terms of max world size, but World Partition in UE5 with the other stuff that’s being introduced seemed like my best choice. So that’s why I’d like to ask, is UE5 suitable for what I’m trying to do ?

I’d really love some help, as what I’m getting into here feels like a totally new world :dizzy_face:

Hi all

it is a totally new world
to directedly answer your question I can not. for I’m making my first game that I intend to putting up on Epic and steam. It’s a big project for one person. but thats the way it is.
Ii’m like you I need a bigger world then ujnreal 4 can do.
now I’m sure we’ll get bigger (my belief. )
you my want to think Like i have been doing is make every thing smaller.
what I mead is instead of atown 15 miles from here i’m at I mkes it 2 or 3 miles instead .
I want to try to go real world as much as I can but It not going to work (for me) with the day night cycles. so I’m having to rethink a lot.
Mine is an open world my play is having to go from California to South Carolina. (Thats going to be hard. and I have founf that if you put thing to far apart that it takes to long to get there with not much happing but walking.

I’m looking in to using Level specific world origin for open worlds It’s not 100% new.
((Level specific world origin for open worlds,))

I hope some will answer about the size of the landscape. I want to know myself.