Is UE4's programming langugage called 'Unreal C++'?

Since C++ coding in Unreal is much different than anything i’ve done before, is it still considered C++ or Unreal C++?

It is C++.

Hi ,

is correct. Although C++ seems much different in UE4, due to constantly using libraries that are provided by the engine, it is still the same language.

I guess the Unreal Macros are making a lot of people think that. There is a lot of auto generated code and special “vodoo magic” happening with those macros that makes the code base feel different than your standard C++ project.

Some people in community started to call it UE4 C++ and everyone follows. Internet communities creates strange terms sometimes, some of them create myths :stuck_out_tongue:

C++ is voodoo magic. I started in C++ in 1995, still regularly learn things, and consider myself intermediate with the language. C++ has evolved with C++ 11. Unreal actually uses the features. I see a lot of game code that really is only using the C subset and classes. Also, for hobbiest programmers it may be the largest code base they have ever used, so yes it’s a lot different then just linking in a graphics library, there is an architecture to the whole thing. But… none of it makes it special or different than C++.

(Programming) language is something more than set of libraries, it’s its grammar - set of rules to write instructions to be interpreted by compiler or interpreter. Since Unreal API doesn’t give anything more than set of defines (like UCLASS before class or ENGINE_API in it’s class names), it can’t call itself a separated language, or even (C++)++.