Is UE4 360 video streaming possible?

Hello everyone!

I’ve got some questions about the possibility of broadcasting VR experience from the UE4 over the internet to multiple viewers. Hope, you can help me get the idea of what can be done.

  1. I know that by connecting OculusRift glasses to the computer I can kind of “immerse” into my game or archviz projects, but is it possible to broadcast the video over the internet so that other people could sea with their VR glasses everything I sea? I know about different 360 video streaming solutions like streambox or wowza. Can I stream the the video from the game not to my OculusRift headset but to the internet users? Or maybe it doesn’t make sense because they will feel dizzy because I will move and interact in the game and not them?

  2. If the first variant is not real, what other solutions are there? If I want to create some kind of virtual classroom for educational purposes and I want my viewers around the world be “immersed” in this room via VR glasses, but in such a way that they will be able only to “look around” but not change anything and I will be able to interact and change the environment. Can it be made only by making a game with networking mechanism so that every user has his or her copy of the game and they run it simultaneously and I make changes from the serve side?

I’ll appreciate any help and suggestions!


I’ve recently gotten interested in this. I believe that Epic has improved its spectator view since you’ve posted. Do you or anyone else have any experience doing this?


I am also interested if it is possible to have Unreal content such as 360 VR being streamed in “real time”?

Real time is tough. I’ve tried Cube Scene Capture and Ansel. Cube Capture has limited resolution and no post processing. Ansel has no easy hooks to trigger a capture programmatically.

How far have you gotten?

You’ll need a hefty GPU if you’re wanting to do something in VR and have a separate 360 feed going to a 360 video player.

This is an old post but hopefully it points you in the right direction: UE4 to Spout Plugin - Unreal Engine Forums

Maybe combine that plugin with Ansel?