Is this scripting language for Unreal the answer to all our problems?

Skookumscript has been aquired by Epic and the pro version is now working with 4.21.

While I’m waiting for my compile in C++, I wished for a medium script layer between
fast but confusing spaghetti blueprint and slow but clean & clear C++.

While I hate the name and syntax ( a natural human process ), I got a taste, that this
could be a promising language.

What are your experiences with Skookum?
Would you use it?

Skookum script has been discontinued, so… clearly not.

You should look for some cpp course, there is a lot online, cpp is evolving all the time, and you can do more than scripting on unreal…

@Zeblote So you think the 2 Skookum developers hired by Epic will not work on an integrated scripting language for Unreal?

Thanks for the hint, I’m working with C++ since its birth. :slight_smile:

Oh excuse me, i missunderstood the hearth of your post, yeah, compilation time is slow :frowning:

No problem. :slight_smile:

No one knows, neither Epic nor them have said anything about what they’re working on.