Is this light bleeding?

Hi everyone,

Please have a look at this image,


I am getting what looks like light bleeding through the walls. I am getting this at both production and draft light settings. I also tried increasing the resolution of the light maps on both of the floor and the walls meshes. There is a point light placed on the other side of the wall in the image.

Any ideas?

Can you 100% be sure that there is no gap between the floor and the partition where the light bleed is occurring? Even the SLIGHTEST gap (a unit) will do this. If there is no gap, maybe adjust the settings on the point light (bias and whatnot).

Yes, that looks like light bleeding, you can avoid it if you make sure your floor doesn’t go underneath the wall, in other words it needs to follow the edges of the wall exactly. Same for the ceiling. The issue is that pixels won’t line up with where the wall is and so shadow or light can be visible to other areas.

are the meshes a single piece or multiple pieces kitbashed together?

Actually, the floor mesh and the walls mesh are intersecting, like this:

The walls and floor intersects just like the image above

The walls are a separate mesh and the floor is another. Strangely enough, there is still light bleeding between the walls mesh itself although it is a single mesh.

You need the edges to line up, you can’t have the walls go past the floor or the floor go underneath the walls

I just went through this last night and only solved it by making the walls and floor a single, connected mesh. I did however get the light bleed to go away by putting on grid snapping and making sure they were 100% connected. Mess around with moving your wall up and down, while rebuilding lighting, and watch what happens. It will help you get a feel for what’s going on.

Thanks all for your help. I will try that and see what happens and keep you updated :slight_smile: