Is this CPU enough for rendering?

Is i7 5930K good for this task? And will there be a big difference when rendering something in Maya, if i use 2 x intel xeon e5-2670 compared to a single 5930K?

It depends on the application, the cores of the 5930k are faster so things that are single threaded will be faster, but for rendering with multi-threaded renderers I would think the 2x Xeons would be faster. The 5930k isn’t a very good value though, it’s only marginally faster than the 5820k but almost twice as expensive. Also, the new Broadwell-E processors will be coming pretty soon so you might consider waiting.

When it comes to a properly threaded application you may see double the performance from a pair of those Xeons. The thing is that they will set you back by £2.5k (dual socket mobos are expensive). A “modest” 5820k is the best bang/buck at the moment for homebrew, imho. Honestly, I’d rather build two machines with a budget like that, work on one and render on the other.

Ebay, baby. 2670 sandy bridge on ebay for $70 and the socket is $500. So it is a matter of performance. Is it such a big difference, I mean in time between 2 xeons and 5930K (5820K)? Also when does Bll-E come out?

They haven’t said yet, but it seems like it might be Q2 2016

Never wait for hardware unless there is an announced release date. You’ll be waiting forever if you keep waiting for the next best thing. You’ll get something 15% slower, but you’ll get it months sooner.